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one day Haigata class in November

Ein Tag für Asche-Formen. Wer sich dafür interessiert:

Dear Chado follower

Haigata is an importand part of the art of the way of tea
(pleas clic on the left side on „about Ash and Haigata“ for detail Informations)

Learn moor about it, in a one day seminar in November.

you will learn about –

different ashes and how to preparer your own ash

basics of History about Furo and what shapes are in use

different styles of Haigata for the Furo, according to the general roles of Urasenk style

and of corse you will learn how to make your own basic Haigata _“nimonji“

Inscription- until 27. October be mail

if you like further informations pleas contact me

whit warm regards for the first cold days

ursula kohli

Pleas pass this Informations to your friends and students which could be Interested on that topic, thank you!